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ROSÉ Resort 2017 BTS

We had to squeeze the look book shoot between the runway show at MBFWA and showroom appointments. So the only day and time that was available to shoot the look book with every piece in the collection together at once was straight after MBFWA runway on the same day! Rushed and crammed is an understatement.


The call time for the hair and makeup was 8am, which was funny, because my runway call time was at 6am, and the show was to start at 9am. We had a slight problem with timing from the get-go.


I received a frantic phone call, when I was backstage, from my all-time favourite photographer, Michael, at 830am, asking me where the model was…. It wasn’t until I looked up, and saw a wide-eyed, beautiful brunette with a blunt fringe, and ‘ANNA’ on a delegated rack, that I put two and two together, Anna, my look book model, was walking in my MBFWA NEXT GEN show!!!!!


Ok, so even though I was having the time of my life backstage, inside I was freaking out about scheduling. If we didn’t have the model ready to shoot as soon as I got the clothes to the location, we wouldn’t be able to shoot in the location we wanted, it was all VERY time-sensitive.


The location we wanted was a bar, and we couldn’t shoot in the bar after midday. I didn’t arrive with the clothes or the model (SANS hair and makeup) until 1130am.


Everyone was in a funk.


It took a lot of persuading to convince the lovely bar manager to allow us to shoot upstairs in main bar area after the lunch time rush, but before the afternoon rush, so to cut it short, we had approx. 30 mins to shoot the entire campaign shoot upstairs.


All of the stars aligned, as we shot the look book underground, in possibly the coldest room we have ever been in, and the campaign upstairs.


From the look of the look-book you would have thought we had days to shoot it, not a mere 2 hours.


Enjoy the shots, shop the collection, and love Kaliver.


Love Rondog. x


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