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MBFWA | Backstage

MBFWA was like giving birth, or planning a wedding for 300 people.
It was all anxiety leading up to the big day, and then once it was over, it went by too quickly.
Our call time was 6am. It was an early start, but my blood was pumping with adrenalin.
We drank coffee, organized the clothes, sorted the models, sent the models off to hair and makeup, steamed everything, had more coffee, did a runway run through, had some water, and before we knew it…. It was show time!
The runway went by in a flash, even though Kaliver walked the runway last, it felt like my time came up in seconds once the show started.
I was stoked with how the show played out, because I was the only one in the group show with eccentric colours and dynamic music. I chose Phenomenon by LL Cool J, and Rinse and Repeat by Riton. I purposely picked the songs to say that a) Kaliver is awesome, and b) It didn’t happen overnight, but look where we are.
I felt my opening outfit (the yellow silk mini) and the bass of LL Cool J woke everyone up. I could feel the energy in the room lift, I wasn’t sure if it was because I was crazily twerking backstage, or that it was a refreshing collection for the audience.
I found out later, that as soon as my YELLOW NUMBER walked out, everyone sat up straight, took out their phones, and took in a deep gasp of fresh-air.
What a beautiful thing to hear.
I couldn’t help but act like a diva when I walked out onto the catwalk to give my finale.
MBFWA Next Gen Group show was a dream come true, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am so happy to have shared the spotlight with equally amazing designers; Holly Stone, Third Form, Anna Quan, Jason Hewitt, and Monster Alphabets… We had an absolute blast on our journey to happiness.
I am so grateful for everyone who believed in Kaliver to be apart of the NEXTGEN show. Thank you to St. George, IMG, The Event Group, Windsor Smith, Neil Grigg, and Parktrent Properties Group.
Enjoy the pic’s.
Love Rondog. x

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