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It was early February 2014 when I decided to leave Park City, Utah, and head towards the BIG APPLE. I had a suitcase full of Kaliver’s first collection AW14RTW THE COLLECTION, my new Full-Frame Sony, a tripod, reflectors, a grey-card, and two eager willing friends who were ready to help with whatever I needed.


We arrived in NYC in the middle of Fashion Week. It was crazy trying to pull a model away from the runways, and it was even harder to get a good relationship with any one of modeling agencies in NYC. Every agency thought I was there to; shoot pornography or exploit their models, Kaliver was not received well.


I spent 10 days on the phone, and frantically emailing (whilst we were in NYC) to numerous booking agencies (only the best ones, of course), to;

1 – Get them to trust me, and

2 – Let me book a model.

I finally cracked the ice the night before the scheduled shoot, just before all hope was lost, and they allowed me to pick between 24 Models who were available for the following morning of the shoot.


On the day of the shoot, we woke up around 4am, to a snow-covered roof-top, a rooftop I had discovered a few days beforehand and fell madly in-love with the view of the NYC skyline from this terribly run-down Chinatown ROOFTOP. It was just how I imagined it; all of my dreams had come true.


I picked the most stunning, fair-haired model I could find, once she arrived on location, we all began to chat about our backgrounds and general banter as Emma was getting her hair and makeup done, at one point I asked her where she was from (she has an American accent, and an American-air about her), she shot straight back with; ‘Brisbane, that’s why I thought you wanted me?’ I was more than shocked! When I was booking her, I had no idea that she was Australian, there was nothing on her calling card that said anything about her heritage. The irony wasn’t lost on me; booking an Australian model, for an Australian Label, for a NYC shoot, where I was meant to be shooting the American Girl in the America capital, wearing my Australian Label. GAGH! We all had one hell of a good laugh.


I ended up with an incredible team, despite the 4:30am start and the -10C weather the snow gods had blessed us with. We had EMMA ISHTA from IMG MODELS, T. Cooper on the hair and makeup, Sarah Barnard as my Photography Assistant, Dean Archer as my second Photography Assistant, and myself behind the lens and post-production.


The shoot turned out better than I could imagine.

The Images are in order from earliest in the morning, to the latest. Watching the light change colour throughout the morning was really beautiful.


Have a look at the images, and let me know what you think, I would love feedback.






 From top to bottom:

Series 1 - The BAHBAH Jacket and DECO Skirt in Black

Series 2 - The CROP ME Top and DECO Skirt in Black

Series 3 - The LUMINIFEROUS Top and Skirt in Gold

Series 4 - The ABSOLUTE Dress in Navy, and OVER YOU Top in BLACK


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