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Kaliver Pop-Up Store Opening 

A wonderful night of family and friends

It’s not often I get to relish in Kaliver’s success. Usually I am too busy to even notice how much love and support people are showing myself and the brand. The opening of Kaliver was one of those nights where I got to relish in the success of Kaliver and what all my hard work has achieved.


It was frantic at Kaliver HQ leading up to the store opening, getting everything ‘shop’ ready. We had to label and tag everything, organize the shop fit-out, arrange the food and champagne, get the shop saged, and get the shop up to ‘roni’ clean standards, this all had to happen within 5 days of signing the shop lease and receiving the keys.


It all was going really well until we realized we only had two hours until everyone arrived and we were all still in our sweats. We returned with an hour to spare, looking fabulous, luckily, because people began to arrive well before schedule. It was great seeing people anxious to support us, but we still hadn’t put the Champagne on ice. I felt like a mouse with its head cut off. I was running around frantically, whilst trying to look calm, collected, and effortlessly beautiful in high-heels, oh what a task it was!


6pm rolled around and most of our friends and family began to arrive. The night ran smoothly, even if we did get a noise complaint, everyone indulged in Kaliver’s fine fabrics, and French cheese and champagne.


It was absolutely heart-warming to see the fantastic turn out, the love and support is forever humbling.


The night wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for all the time and hard work that my mother, Catherine put in over the pre-shop-opening weeks, as well as Emily who picked up the slack wherever I fell short and of course my father, Ron, without him, none of this would have been possible. A huge thank you goes out to these three people, as well as everyone who has shown myself, or Kaliver love and support, without you, I wouldn’t been able to follow through and chase my dreams.


Thank you


Roni xx



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