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The ParkTrent Gala: Continued


The Parktrent 2014 Gala Tour has felt like a fairy tale. From one state to the next over the last 5 months we have visited four states, and we aren’t finished yet!

Here at Kaliver HQ we have been run off our feet; we are currently in the middle of designing our next range, Autumn/Winter 2015, we recently signed our lease for another 6 months on Oxford Street, and our team has grown, with the latest addition to the Kaliver clan – Emily.

Juggling everything has been tough, to say the least, but it all seems worth it when I see the hosts at the Parktrent Galas parading my hard earned work throughout the evening, all the while, receiving compliments and praises about how beautiful the clothes are, it’s moments like these that paint a smile on my dial.

We most recently flew to Perth and Adelaide within the last month for the PT Galas. We have sadly started the countdown to the final two Parktrent Gala’s in Melbourne (Spetember) and Sydney (October), when we will officially hang up our party shoes and curling wands for the year.

Enjoy the photos.

Love Roni


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