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This collection, is the first collection which I have had the time and room to breath away from the number-crunching side of Kaliver, to fully, and beautifully develop the collection.

Hayl is focused around the idea of a strong, self-assured female, who isn’t afraid of pushing her fashion boundaries. The collection is all hand-made, very monochromatic, with the design focus being on well-placed design lines, and contrasting grain-lines.

The collection is silhouette aware, loose fitting, and androgynous all in one.

Hayl focuses on the use of sustainable natural fibers, and strong silhouettes. Every piece is intended to be wearable by the Australian Woman.

I spent four months developing this collection, and sadly, turning down a once-in-a-lifetime shoot in Paris with an ever-talented team, because I was afraid that the collection hadn’t fully developed yet, and if I went over to Paris and shot our campaign, there would have been a few very significant pieces which would have missed out, and quiet possibly never have been created as a result. The thought of un-developed pieces breaks my heart.

Hayl was shot in a loading dock in Waterloo, with an incredible team of 11. I finally was able to convince my mother to do the Hair of our beautiful model Fernanda, and it turned out perfectly. We had the dream team back in action, from our very first THE COLLECTION AW14RTW shoot, Michael on the Camera, Hayly on the Styling, Justin Russell Assisting, The beautiful Giorgia Waterford on the Makeup, Mark Brightwell on the cinematography, and Emily Powell on the BTS stills.

The day ran smoothly. Each photo looked like a vision of heaven. Every shot was beyond my imagination. This shoot for me has to be the best yet! The dream team brought it!

Thank you to everyone who helped me bring this collection into reality, a special thanks to Eloise Panetta, who stayed up late sewing along side of me, getting all of the samples ready, and Tyler Smith-Coppes and Champaign Racardo who offered endless support, encouragement and design feedback. I cannot thank you all enough.

Please enjoy the photos.

Love Roni



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