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Since the very first day Emily began work at Kaliver, we decided to do a Waxen x The Fantasy Booster Campaign. We decided to pool our resources together, and see what we could come up with.


The Booster shoot idea sat dormant for a few months, until we received a contact email from Gracie Ireland, wanting to potentially work with Kaliver in the future. We jumped on this opportunity as soon as Gracie’s email came through.


We decided that I would shoot it, Emily would style it, Blair would apply her beautifully developed tan NABU, Catherine, my mother, would style Gracie’s hair, and Lauren, would apply Gracie’s makeup.


We planned to shoot the campaign on the south coast, at Walton World, a beautifully groomed homestead owned by my aunty Anne. Watching the weather, we chose to shoot on a Monday, and had to change it to the following day because of weather. We ended up being blessed with the most magical weather, the only sunny day amidst 8 days of rain.


Everything went to plan, Gracie was beautiful, the makeup was wonderful, NABU tan was second to none, the styling was unbelievable, and the hair was effortlessly magnificent.


I could not be more humble to see how the photos turned out. I believe that the quality of the shots was due to the quality of the team. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who supported myself in making such a beautiful booster campaign.


Enjoy the photos.






Each photo is beautifully edited by Emily Powell

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