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Six months of planning, and not once could I have imagined how beautiful the OPTIC Model Army presentation was going to be.

The weeks leading up to the event, everything that could have went wrong did, but everything that was meant to go right and come together at the last minute did. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, and what happened that night was meant to happen, because the entire evening was nothing short of a magical fairy tale.

The hallway to the event was lined in darkness and lit with 100 dreamy tea light candles. The hallway opened up to a blank dark room, with nothing but a projector of the look book displayed on the adjacent wall. 

The room sung with chatter, bubbles, wine, and beer, and then everything flowed seamlessly into the presentation room, where neon tubing, foliage, suspended branches, moss, and floating canvases laid dormant. The room was alive with excitement, it wasn’t until Jane Cho stepped out into the center of the installation and began lulling the audience with her violin into a paralyzed-like state, the room stood dead silent for the next 12 minutes. After 2 minutes of perfect sound filling our ears, the model army entered, they twisted and turned, creating shapes with the garments, showing off Kaliver’s latest collection perfectly. By the end of the performance, every person in the audience had a favourite ‘MUST-HAVE’ piece.

This event has elevated Kaliver into the next level, where we want to brand to head, and where we see the brand headed in the near future.

This event has elevated Kaliver into the next level, where I want to brand to head, and where I see the brand headed in the near future. Stay tuned, for exciting things. Spread the word, spread the love.

Love Roni


Nadia Fairfaix wearing head-to-toe Kaliver 
Rikki Millbank, Roni, and Brittney Millbank wearing Kaliver
Roni and Catherine Wearing Kaliver
Anna Heinrich wearing Kaliver

Jane Cho Wears Kaliver - In-store now!

The Optic SS16RTW Event was the Very First event held at La Porte Space. 

The entire night was organized by Lara from Lara Inc Events, and Hayley and Lou from Bonel PR.

We had beautiful hair from KMS and Premahair, directed by Gary, we were supplied with awesome beer from Buddha Beer, World class models from IMG Models Australia, incredible makeup by the talented OzBeautyExpert, Beautiful Florals from MiViolet, Rocking Tunes from Niki De Saint DJ, Wine Supplied by ParkTrent Properties Group, Sushi from Zushi, and of course the ever talented Electronic Violinist Jane Cho who made the night a night to remember.

Those to attend the event were bloggers Nadia Fairfax, Brooke Testoni, Arianne Witt (Lola Jagger), Lauren Morris (The Blk Canvas), Rachel Yabsley (Alice Liddell Blog), Anna Heinrich (The Bachelor). Vogue. Cleo Australia. Instyle Australia. Margaret Zhang. Et al.

A special thanks to my Mother and Father who, without their love and support, none of this would have been possible. x

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