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We delayed our Swim shoot a week, because of the weather, it was hit and miss again. Trying to shoot a swim campaign on the cusp of winter is always interesting. The days were getting colder, so much so, that it snowed over 50cm, the day before the shoot, at Perisher.
The A-team had a busy 3 weeks, two shoots, two events, one wedding, one press showing, and one operation. It was all systems go.

We booked the beautiful model Caroline from NY through IMG only minuets before EOD on the Thursday (The day before the shoot). The location had been changed, because our original location had been electric fenced to keep the public out. So our location was set for the North Sydney Olympic Pool, the one under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I booked it during a haste google, and a few phone calls. I have only walked past it once at night, driven over it, and seen some imagery. So we a little nervous about the location is an understatement.
I knew, regardless of the location, that with the A-Team behind the shoot, no matter where we were, it would turn out wonderful.

From two weeks out from the shoot, we watched the weather, apple was telling us it would be sunny, cold, but sunny. So we locked in the Friday. Friday morning was cloudy and cold. We pushed out the hair and makeup, so by the time we began shooting the sun came out, and it felt almost warm. It took us a while to warm up; we got 5 shots in 3 hours. Once the ball got rolling, it was all smooth sailing.

The hair and makeup was beautifully done by Lei Tai, the Photos were captured by MN, Styling by Hayzbon, BTS by Emily Powell, Tyler and Catherine and Myself were there for moral support and guidance.

Check out the behind the scene shots, and let us know what you think

Love Roni


 A huge thanks to Scott and his team from the NORTH SYDNEY OLYMPIC POOL // You guys made our shoot streamline. xx

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