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14.5.2015 - 17.5.2015

We signed up for Sydney Fashion Weekend almost 6 months in advance, at the time we signed up and paid our deposit, we didn't realise what else we would have on that same week; our VIP launch night store opening, and OPTIC SS16RTW, three massive events, 5 tiny people .

I believe the universe was testing our team, to see how strong we were in the toughest times. Thank heavens we came out the other side all in one piece.

The Sydney Fashion Weekend was the best sale we have ever been apart of, in terms of us being at the sale and networking with the customers. It was lovely to meet and greet each one of the customers, to talk to the customers about our product, and to help them find exactly what they were looking for.

The sale helped us build our brand up, make our name known to a different demographic, and it helped us create ties and affiliations with other brands and brand owners.

We sold more than we ever imagined to. We had the best time, and we made lasting connections with like-minded business people, and customers.

The Kaliver team will defiantly make an appearance at Sydney Fashion Weekend 2016.

Check out some of the photos from the weekend below!

Love Roni


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