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It was really hard to say goodbye to our first little perfect store on Oxford Street. With bigger and better collections, and a strong customer following; we rapidly outgrew 448 Oxford Street, Paddington. We were ready to move into a new space and create a new home for Kaliver (even if it was only 10 doors down the road). We spent an entire 3 weeks renovating the space, to make the space look ‘FRESH’ we wanted to make it our own, to make it the known face of Kaliver.

The day of opening night went by rather fast, the girls woke up at 5am to go to the flower markets to create the beautiful floral installations that are still hanging in store. We had to pick up the alcohol, the martini glasses, the table, the ice, the DJ (who didn’t come with decks), the cheese, the Coffee Cold Drip, and the cheese plate sides.

It was a day that was nothing short of HECTIC.

The rush, the stress, the pouring down rain, was all worth it, because we had the most incredibly perfect night we could have ever dreamed about. The Lychee and Espresso Martinis flowed, the chatter filled the space harmoniously, and the giveaway winner was taken by surprise.

The overall comments from our friends and family and VIP’s was that the space was beautiful, it was a space that reflected Kaliver’s brand identity, and it was a perfect size for what we needed.
Thank you to everyone who came, and to all who made this new store happen.

A special thanks to my mother, Steve, and Sharron, who painstakingly put in hours and hours of slave labor to make the store what it is today. A big thank you to dad, who without him, none of this would be possible. A thank you to the Kaliver Klique who without my beloved girls, it wouldn’t have run as smoothly.

Check out the pics from the night

Love Roni xx

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