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Throwback to October 2015.... 

Launching into our second summer was nerve racking, because our first summer collection WAXEN, was very un-like me.

I focused on ‘girly,’ ‘floaty,’ and white to highlight the VIP launch night set design.

The collection has debut beaded pieces, staple leather mini skirts and dresses, hand pleated and painted elegant statement pieces, and pieces made within Australia.

This collection has been my most testing to date because I was working across 3 countries to coordinate the manufacturing timeline of optic, which was due into stores within 3 months after the VIP launch night at La Porte Space.

This wasn’t an easy task.

I imported fabric from all-over-the-world, making sure I had the very best of every mill my heart desired.

I had an American artist help me custom-design my beautiful beading for the Treasure Top, Vibrant Skirt, and Vibrant Crop, I have never seen anything like the result of the beading in my life. Each hand-beaded garment is made by 3 beautifully talented artisans in India, each garment taking, roughly, 5 hours to complete, from start to finish.

The pleated pieces are all hand painted, then hand pleated, both within Australia, and was then taken to China where the final garment was constructed under my watchful eye. 

Each piece in our OPTIC collection has been designed with love in Australia, and is intended to be unique in every way, down to the custom prints.

Because this collection is so beautiful and limited, we held a in-store VIP launch afternoon, with delicious cocktails and champagne.

Ever since the launch we have had an over whelming response to the collection, selling out of most styles and sizes, forcing us to make our very first second mid-season order.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the launch, and the collection. The love and support is so incredible.

Enjoy the photos



All Pieces available in-store (428 Oxford Street, Paddington) and online now at xx

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