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Rouge for Kaliver and myself is a collection that is an extension from our last winter collection; Airness. Airness was our most luxurious winter collection we have ever produced, I wanted to keep the status of the fabrications, but I wanted to push the silhouettes, and the colour palette even further.
I have kept in line with the classic ‘Kaliver’ palette of monochromatic minimalistic, while focusing more on the fabrics, and paneling and less on printed and embellished fabrics, I wanted this collection to be a very tactile experience. Each individual piece from Rouge holds it’s own beauty.
Each piece in this collection is made to be mixed within your current wardrobe, this collection is a trans-seasonal collection, ranging from jackets to mini-skirts. This collection, with it’s few stand-alone pieces, is a very commercial collection, I wanted this collection to feel even more wearable than our previous collections.
I always lounge around in tights and loose clothing, so I wanted to create a collection that the Kaliver girl could ‘lounge’ in, all day, everyday, no matter the occasion.
Before I picked the colour palette of this collection, I travelled to Asia and fully immersed myself into every high-end designer store I could find. I am a very hands-on person, and I let the clothes from the international designers speak to me, the clothes told me which colours I should go with for my own range.
I love bringing back international colour trends to the Australian fashion industry. Seeing something on a runway or from a computer screen, isn’t the same as feeling the clothes or being in the clothes presence.
The colours that spoke to me were; olive green, light yellow, maroon, light pink, peach, mustard, electric royal blue, and black. 
We shot our look book and campaign shoot in my (glamorous) garage in Kensington, Michael (Naumoffy the Photographer et Matteo) built the set from scratch. The result being a polished-looking warehouse space.
I wanted to use this collection to start ‘fresh,’ almost as if I am re-launching Kaliver into the Australian fashion industry. Because after the MBFWA NEXT GEN show, all eyes are on Kaliver, and I wanted this collection to be a banger, and to show what I can do in terms of design and trend forecast.
I hope you love this collection as much as I do.
Enjoy the BTS shots.

Love Roni

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