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Manufacturing anything is a tedious task. Designing, getting the ‘right’ fit, choosing the fabrics, pattern-making, sampling, toiling… the list goes on. A lot goes into getting a garment ‘just-right’ to make sure that my customer is happy with their purchases, so they continue to come back, because of Kaliver’s fit, quality, and uniqueness.
I spend a lot of time each year playing mind-wars with myself on which direction I would like the next swim to go. My swim ranges are my passion, and to be honest; they are the funnest to design, because I design them for me, and I know that when I am going to be wearing them, I will be happy, and in a happy place, so the entire process from design to final product gets me really excited.
The collection I really wanted to channel the sexy Australian beach-goer, I wanted to make an uber-luxe collection, and for it to not be missed. I wanted all the girls out there to know that Kaliver Swim is HOT STUFF!
I began playing with the idea of creating the ‘next’ print. I couldn’t stop wondering about the idea of placing melting molten onto a print, like come-on; how sexy would that be?!?!
I began talking with a few print designers, and we came up with a concept of using leather, placed in such a way, to mimic melting molten. I photographed bronze and black leather on top of my design table, twisting and folding it to get it just right. The images were almost perfect, they didn’t take much ‘post-production’ to make the effect we desired come to life.
From here I started the design process, I decided to go with a more ‘stream-line’ look, and skimpier cuts, to minimize those dreaded tan lines.
A few months later….
… the look book was shot in my garage (there’s a first time for everything), and a family member’s sauna. I single handedly styled the shoot, and did the creative direction for the look book and campaign. With Michael behind the lens, not much could go wrong.
The final product turned out beautifully, I’m excited for the release… for now, enjoy the BTS….

Love Roni. x

A special thanks to Blair @ Nabu Bronzing, Catherine Cross, and Kiah Chapple. 

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