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Checking things off my bucket list.

It has been a dream, for some years now, to venture to the center of Australia to visit the sacred site, which bares ULURU.

It came as a surprise to me when my mother booked a trip to the red center as a surprise for my birthday.

Receiving the gift and having to wait just shy of three months to check a major thing off my bucket list almost killed me.

Time flew by, as it always does, before I knew it, it was the day we were flying out. Flying into Uluru with the forecast for rain all weekend was excitement overload. It rains about 12inches on average in Uluru, so to see the big rock with rainfall is a rarity, and must be cherished.

We spent our time in Uluru exploring Uluru-Kata Tjuta and the surrounding suburb of Petermann. With mini Kaliver photo shoots along the way, me being the awkward non-model, model.

It felt only appropriate to take up pieces from DUNE SS18RTW, because the collection was based around Uluru and our red sand.

Enjoy the photos



Ps- it took about 500 photos to get 1 I was happy with, being a model is hard work.


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